Thank you for all the support! - Cristy


Cristy is that voice of leadership working to build a better Woodbury, better opportunities for all.

  • Balancing resource usage and reducing waste, Cristy is an avid outdoors person, coming from a military family that embraced hunting and responsible gun ownership.

With over twenty (20) years of project management experience in the construction industry, Cristy works in a dynamic, ever changing, male dominated field. Cristy Vandeberg is Woodbury's leader with the ability and courage to both envision and action a better Woodbury:

  • Opportunities for student, women and veterans through skilled trades.
  • Education partnering with resources to increase efficiency and student improvement.
  • Repurpose waste to conserve while reducing want for the community's neediest.

The one leader with the experience to give, the ability to execute and the management skills for success, to Woodbury's path of future success.

Cristy (at)

It only takes one voice...  The voice of a leader.

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